Annual Health Fair


The Lesbian Cancer & Health Project is a community-based, grassroots organization whose primary mission is to empower lesbians to live healthier lives. The LCHP began as a pilot project funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to increase screening and the early detection of breast and cervical cancer in lesbians.  The mission has now expanded to include health promotion and education for and about lesbians.

The organization offers several services in addition to the Lesbian Health Fair. These services include:

The House Party: An educational workshop sponsored by individuals in their homes or organizations. LCHP volunteers show educational films, provide health information, answer questions and encourage discussion.

Provider Training: A workshop for health care providers designed to discuss relevant lesbian health issues.

Survivor Matching: A program in which women newly diagnosed with cancer are matched with survivors of the disease.

Annual Health Fair

WDVP provides 24-hour, 365 day/year crisis line. Callers receive support, advocacy, help obtaining Orders of Protection, and information, as well as referrals to other community services. Support groups may also be available.

The health fair is a community project in which information booths, vendors, practitioners and workshops are offered.

Previous workshops have included:
Breast Self Exams
Lesbians and Cancer
Politics of Breast Cancer
Legal Issues for Lesbians
Medical Issues for Lesbians
Parenting Issues
Partner Massage Techniques
Artificial Insemination
Violence Issues
Alternative Medicine
Relationships & Communication
Joyous Sexual Expression
Nurturing Passion in Long Term Relationships
Herbal Wisdom for the Menopausal Years
Quantum Xeroid Biofeedback Therapy
What can Reiki Do for Me?

Special News: The 2002 LCHP Health fair is happening on April 21st. Check out the 2002 Health Fair Page for more news and to fill out a workshop proposal form!

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